Commanded by Lieutenant John F. Kennedy, the PT-109 was on assignment to intercept a convoy of Japanese destroyers when it was rammed and sunk by Japanese destroyer Amagiri on August 2nd, 1943. Lieutenant Kennedy’s actions to rescue his crew members and lead them to safety have given the PT-109 a prominent place in American naval and popular history.

Now, Pro Boat offers a scale-like replica of the most popular PT boat in history.  The concept of the scale design inspired by Bryant "Cap" Thompson, the PT-109 EP RTR features an authentically detailed hull and installed lighting kit that will satisfy warship and JFK enthusiasts and with a stylish display stand, the PT-109 EP RTR can be displayed proudly.  The Pro Boat® PT-109 EP RTR is completely ready-to-run so anyone can enjoy the realistic, historical look without having to build a kit model.

The PT-109 offers high-performance features known to the Pro Boat line.  A sealed, electronic speed control with reverse is durable and preprogrammed, plus a dual motor and battery operation mean longer run times.  And as always, the installed Pro Boat 27MHz AM 2-stick radio adds reliable control.



  • Authentically detailed PT-109 hull
  • Installed lighting kit adds to the model's realism
  • Preprogrammed sealed electronic speed control with reverse
  • Dual motor and battery operation for longer run times
  • Pro Boat 27MHz AM 2-stick radio installed
  • Stylish display stand included


Length: 40.75 in (1035mm)
Beam: 10.6 in (269.2mm)
Motor Size: 550 x 2 water-cooled
Radio: Pro Boat 2-stick AM 27MHz
Speed Control: Watercooled electronic with reverse
Hull Material: Fiberglass
Trim Scheme Colors: Olive Drab (Pantone 560U)
Battery: 7.2V sub-C flat pack x 2
Drive System: Direct

Needed to Complete

You will need to purchase the following to get your boat on the water:
• 8 AA alkaline batteries for the radio transmitter
• 6-cell 3300mAh Ni-MH battery pack (DYN1185) (2)
• Charger for motor batteries (DYN4033)
• Medium CA
• Soldering iron with solder

Tech Notes

Olive Drab Color Code: Pantone 560U 

The Pro Boat PT-109 is a fantastic boat on the water. To ensure maximum performance and handling we recommend adding 35 oz (2.3 lb) of ballast to the inside of the hull. Adjusting this ballast fore or aft will change the boat's attitude in the water. If you notice the bow of the PT-109 is excessively high at plane, move the ballast more forward. If you find too much of the bow is in the water, move the ballast rearward. We have found that 7 rolls of pennies equals the recommended weight and allows you to adjust the weight placement properly. You can use Losi's Self Stick Chassis weights (LOSA99201) as well.

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