R/C Aircrafts


ARFS - Almost Ready To Fly       


ARFS = Almost Ready To Fly aircrafts are 95% constructed that require very little assembly. Majority still require electronics that would consist of an engine/electric motor, remote control with receiver, servos, switch and battery. Very little gluing required.

Electric ARFS may include motor and electronic speed control.

RTF- Ready to Fly        




RTF = Ready To FLy aircrafts are remote control aircrafts that are 100% constructed and include  a remote control, with receiver, servos, switch and battery.

They are what they say they are, ready to fly. Nitro powered ready to fly aircrafts would still require your basic start up accesories to get the engine started which would include fuel, fuel pump, starter stick and glo igniter. Electric powered RTF aircrafts will include everything needed for your first flight of success.

Electric Airplanes (RTF, BNF, PNP, KITS)



Electric Airplanes, come in many variations.

RTF- Ready to fly, which come complete with everything you need in the box.

BNF - Bind n fly, you will require a radio system that is compatible with the airplane.

PNP - Plug N Play, you will require a Transmitter, Receiver, Battery and Charger to fly.

KIT - The kit will require all electronics to complete the aircraft. (Transmitter, receiver, servos, ESC, Battery and Charger)

Airplane Engines


ENGINES = We carry a variety of 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Nitro Powered as well as Gas Powered engines for the R/C Aircrafts.

Brands include Evolution, Saito, OS, Zenoah, DA Engines, DL Engines, Thunder Tiger, Super Tiger, and Fuji.


Airplane Radios


Airplane Accessories







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