With the same wheel sections as the 2007 World Championship machine, world-class performance is now available in a standard model. The new LAZER ZX-5 SP adopts the same wheel sections as the new specification version of the ZX-5 that entered into the 2007 World Championships. This newly designed suspension shows superior turning performance at different speeds and on a variety of different surface types. The advanced aerodynamics of the body also generates effective down-force to keep the machine anchored to the surface. With a rear midship mounted motor, the simple transmission and battery layout achieves optimal weight balance for greater control response.


Easy control of the machine's airborne posture marks it as an advanced racing buggy. Whether racing competitively at the highest level or turning the nearest available off-road space into a race track, the LAZER ZX-5 SP delivers winning speed!

  • Shaft Driven - Straight motor layout is specially designed for center shaft driven 4WD racing.
  • Fully Adjustable Turnbuckle - Freely adjustable turnbuckle upper arms are included as part of the double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension system.
  • Effective Power Transfer - Equipped with slipper clutch that effectively transfers power as well as protecting the gears from overloading.
  • Reinforced Chassis - High strength and rigidity of the resin main chassis is reinforced with X-backbone upper deck.
  • New Triple Cap Pro Shock - Features new type triple-cap Pro Shocks. Delivers a wide range of setting adjustment options as well smooth suspension function.
  • Endless Adjustments - Choice of three front axle configurations with one-way, ball differential or spool (rigid). One-way is sold separately.
  • Rear Stabilizer - The Lazer SP is equipped with a rear stabilizer for better all around corner control.
  • Compatibel Layout - Chassis layout is compatible with either loose battery cells or battery packs.
  • Newly Designed Front Suspension - Newly designed front suspension (knuckles, hubs, lower suspension arms) features control angles and plenty of setting options. Delivers easy turning control.
  • New Rear Suspension - Newly designed rear suspension makes good use of changes in load for traction and easy control on a wide variety of surface types.
  • Aerodynamic - Features advanced aerodynamically designed body and wing. Subtle curves generate effective down-force. Contributes to airborne stability and posture control.
  • New Features - Special features included throughout, such as blue anodized machined aluminum front suspension holders.

Required For Operation

  • 2-channel, 1-servo R/C system
  • Motor control amp
  • Motor
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Specified batteries for R/C system

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