This is Futaba's 2PH MS (Magnum Sport) 2-Channel
AM Pistol Grip Radio with one S3003 Standard Servo
          and one S3010 High Torque Servo.


  • This replaces the 2PC Magnum Sport radio
  • Rotary steering and throttle trims
  • Two LED battery condition indicators
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design reduces fatigue and improves control
  • Red rubber grip at the fingertips
  • Servo reversing switches hidden behind smoked panel


  • One 2PH AM Transmitter w/Tx Battery holder: No Number
  • One R122JE AM Receiver:
  • One Crystal Set: FUTL92**(75MHz) or FUTL93**(27MHz)
  • One Receiver Battery Box w/Red BEC connector: FUTM1590
  • One S3003 Servo: FUTM0031
  • One S3010 High Torque Servo FUTM0043
  • Two Servo Accessory Bags: FUTM3551
  • One Flag Set: No Number
  • One Switch Harness: FUTM4382
  • One Tx Antenna: FUTM5111
  • Battery Holder: No Number

REQUIRES: Eight AA batteries


  • This CANNOT convert to left handed use
  • This radio does not have a module
  • Transmitter current drain 250mA
  • There is no transmitter charge jack

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