Diamante 25e ARF

The E-flite® Diamante 25e ARF was designed by champion pilot Peter Goldsmith to provide intermediate to experienced pilots a precision aerobatics platform with excellent stability and benign stall characteristics. At the heart of this design is the SD8020 airfoil that provides excellent tracking and crisp response in any axis. It is also extremely resistant to accelerated stalls so you’ll feel like you’re on rails in any attitude. Machined aluminum control horns let you use high-torque mini servos and fly aggressive aerobatics with confidence.

As always, E-flite has gone the extra mile to make your flight experience as convenient as possible with this highly prefabricated ARF design.  Getting to the battery and electronics is a breeze with the easy-access magnetic hatch. And the large battery compartment can accommodate a wide range of Li-Po packs. The balsa and light ply construction is complemented nicely by the custom Peter Goldsmith Ultracote® trim scheme. The fiberglass cowl and wheel pants even come painted from the factory.  The bolt-on spinner is also colored to match the cowl.  All you have left to do is a few hours of assembly and you’re flying.




Wingspan: 48 in (1200mm)
Overall Length: 50 in (1250mm)
Wing Area: 485 sq in (31.3 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 3.6-4.2 lb (1.6-1.9 kg)
Motor Size: E-flite Power 25 BL Outrunner Motor,870Kv (EFLM4025A) or E-flite Power 32 BL Outrunner Motor, 770Kv (EFLM4032A) Required
Radio: Spektrum DX7 7-Channel DSM2™ airplane system (SPM2710) Required
Servos: Four mini servos (required)
Prop Size: APC 12 x 8E prop (APC12080E) with Lightweight Setup or APC 13 x 6.5E prop (APC13065E) for High Power Precision Setup (Required)
Speed Control : 60A Brushless ESC (EFLA1060) Required
Recommended Battery: Thunder Power 3S 4200mAh Li-Po pack (THP42003S2PPL) for Lightweight Setup or Thunder Power 4S 4200mAh Li-Po pack (THP42004S2PPL) for High Power Percision Aerobatic Setup (Required)

Needed to Complete

You will need to use your own motor, ESC, radio, receiver, servos, prop, battery and charger in order to fly the Diamante 25e ARF. Please review the list of items for the recommended "Precision 3D Setup" and the "Lightweight Outrunner Setup" for the option that best fits your experience level and flying preferences.

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