Ultimate 20-300 10 ARF

The E-flite® Ultimate 20-300 10e ARF is a 3D capable, sport model of a rare aerobatic aircraft. The large wing area and light wing loading of the biplane design offer smooth flight characteristics while exhibiting precise response. The Ultimate is designed around the use of E-flite’s Power 10, providing excellent power for any type of aerobatic maneuver. Intermediate to advanced pilots will be excited and pleased by the sport scale aerobatic performance of the Ultimate 20-300.

The design and construction of the Ultimate showcase a level of quality and performance beyond that of any similar models, allowing intermediate pilots to grow their skills rapidly and experienced pilots to enjoy maximum performance with no extra effort. Outstanding features include UltraCote® and UltraCote Lite covering over a lightweight balsa and plywood frame, a steerable tail wheel, authentic Ultimate-style spinner, a fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, plastic molded wing fillets for added scale appearance, and a unique strut attachment that allows for quick assembly. These features and level of pre-fabrication allow you the ability to fly this incredible biplane in less time over similar models. 





Wingspan: 38 in (960mm)
Overall Length: 41 in (1045mm)
Wing Area: 473.5 sq in (30.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 39–41 oz (1105–1160 g) with battery
Motor Size: 10-size brushless motor
Radio: 4+ channels
Servos: Spectrum DS75 (with programmer)
Trim Scheme Colors: Hanger 9® UltraCote® Scale White (U973); Deep Blue (U873); Silver (U881); Bright Yellow (U872)
Prop Size: APC 12x6E
Spinner Size: Included
Hardware Included: Yes
Speed Control : 40-amp brushless
Recommended Battery: 3S 11.1V 2100mAh Li-Po

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