• Carbon Fiber Frame Combo Version
  • All metal main blade control system, resulting in enhanced durability and control precision
  • High quality prepainted fiberglass canopy
  • CNC machined main gear for excellent balance and stability
  • High speed thrust bearings in the tail blade grips
  • Redesigned collective control arms for increased smoothness
  • High efficiency torque tube drive system
  • 2mm high strength low weight carbon frames for easier assembly and maintenance
  • Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
  • Fully Driven Tail Auto Rotation System
  • Rear Tail Servo Mount
  • 10mm Hollow Main Shaft, 8mm Spindle


Included with kit:
● 600D Carbon fiber blade X1
● Fiberglass canopy X1
● Standard Landing skid X1
● RCE-BL100G 100A Brushless ESC(Govener Mode) X1
● REC-B6X External BEC X1
● 5.1V Two-way step-down voltage regulatorX1
● Li-Po 7.4V 1900mAh 18C For BEC X1
● 600M Brushless motor X1
● GP780 Head Lock Gyro X1
● DS610 Digital Servo X3
● DS620 Digital Servo X1



Main Rotor Diameter: 53.1 in (1350mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 9.45 in (240mm)
Gross Weight: Approximate Flying Weight: 7.3 lb (3300g)
Length: 45.7 in (1160mm)
Main Gear Ratio: 1:12.1
Kit/ARF/RTF: Kit
Rotor Blade Length: 23.6 in (600mm)

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