The Rascal 2 is another industry first from Schumacher, with a powerful .18 size engine and CNC pipe packed into a micro 1/16th truck, the performance is outstanding!!
The Rascal uses standard size radio equipment and industry standard buggy tyres, so the options are endless.
Because of it's size the Rascal will out accelerate most big monster trucks and with its agile handling it's great fun to drive. With its four wheel independent suspension and oil filled shocks the Rascal is not afraid of the rough stuff either.
A full range of 'Speed Secret' option parts available including a 2 speed transmission.

The newly updated Rascal 2 includes the new and improved R18 engine, new wheels and tyres and an awesome digital pistol radio.

Available with three different body colours in RTR or ARR.



  • Schumacher Pull Start R18 ABC Engine (3.0cc)
  • RTR Includes awesome digital pistol radio.
  • Speeds of up to 40 Mph (64kph)
  • Swiss Virgin Polymer components
  • CNC Exhaust silencer/muffler
  • Carbon composite shock mounts
  • Powerful disk brake
  • 4mm Purple alloy chassis
  • Sealed transmission with limited slip ball differential
  • Pre-Cut and painted bodyshell available in three colours
  • Pre-glued tyres with chrome multi spoke wheels
  • 2WD Transmission
  • 16 Tough Ball bearings
  • Oversized suspension components
  • Enclosed splash proof radio box
  • Tough UJ driveshafts
  • Air filter
  • Alloy motor mounts
  • Speed Secrets option parts available including 2 speed transmission

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