The Blackjack™ 26 SS brings model boating enthusiasts even more innovation in the ever-popular Blackjack nitro boat.  With a powerful Pro Boat .18 marine engine, red anodized running hardware and magnetic hatch and sealed radio compartment, the Blackjack 26 has never been better.


  • Pro Boat® .18 marine engine with tuned pipe installed
  • TigerDrive electric starting system for convenient, reliable engine starting
  • Race quality, red anodized aluminum offset rudder with built-in water pickup for optimum cornering and adjustability
  • Quick access radio box with improved waterproof seal to protect radio components
  • Handcrafted catamaran hull for superior stability in rough conditions
  • Pro Boat 2-channel AM pistol-grip radio installed
  • Fiberglass composite hull design
  • Magnetic hatch securely mounts to the hull and offers easy access to the engine


Length: 26 in (660mm)
Beam: 8.26 in (210mm)
Engine Size: Pro Boat .18 Marine with tuned pipe (installed)
Radio: Pro Boat 2–channel pistol-grip AM 27MHz, installed

Needed to Complete

Glow driver
Blue Thunder™ 20% Nitro Glow Fuel
7.2V sub-C flat battery (for starter)
AC charger for 7.2V battery
Fuel bottle
12 AA batteries
(all sold separately)

Tech Notes

Flex Shaft Care:

Check the flex shaft after every run by rotating the propeller by hand (with the engine not running).
If you feel any binding, lubricate the flex shaft. The flex shaft should be cleaned by
wiping with a rag and denatured alcohol then lubricated after 3-4 hours of operation and
after sitting dormant for several weeks.

Pro Boat does not recommend operation in saltwater. 

Please refer to your owners manual for flex shaft removal.

Skid Fins:

Skid fins have been included on your Blackjack 26 Super Sport for rough water applications. You may remove these skid fins and reinstall the retaining screws in calm water for more aggressive cornering.

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