Kyosho, does it again! EP powered 10th scale sedan at an extremely affordable price. The new FAZER brings you the intensity of electric racing but not the heavy cost of getting started. KYOSHO's design expertise has been fully applied in the creation of an entry-level EP touring car. Easy control and setting characteristics have been combined with speed and performance. As this machine is focused on driving performance, the advanced shaft-driven 4WD chassis is fully pre-assembled and comes packaged as a Readyset. Just add a 7.2v battery and take your place on the starting grid. The FAZER is made to KYOSHO's highest quality standard and achieves the optimal balance between user-friendliness and performance. Now is the time to experience the thrill of EP touring car racing!

  • Low C.G. - Design secrets used to produce this low center of gravity chassis. Sophisticated high-quality design is also easy to drive.
  • G27 Motor - Equipped with the reliable brushed G27 540 size motor, with built in cooling fan.
  • KA-16 ESC - The EP Fazer is equipped with Kyosho's KA-16ESC that provides full functionality, full forward, brake and reverse.
  • Li-Po Compatible - The KA-16ESC is Li-Po (2cell/ 7.4V) compatible right out of the box with no modification.
  • True 4WD - Shaft driven 4WD system gives you the most efficient drive train compared to other methods.
  • EZ Gear Mesh - No more gear mesh issues with Kyosho's EZ Mesh motor mount. All you need is a simple phillips #1 screw driver and just rotate the motor to the desired mesh.
  • GP Fazer = EP Fazer - Front and Rear chassis components are the same as the GP Fazer, that means Fazer owners can have the best of both world with a GP and EP touring car and no part issues.
  • High Efficiency Drive Train - A total of 17 bearings are used throughout the drive train to give the best drive train performance.
  • Front Spool - Front rigid axle (spool) with two-bevel gear diff in the rear, which results in a mild control easy for beginners.
  • High Grade Tires - Equipped with front 40 and rear 30 high-grip rubber tires. Pre-glued onto wheels and ready to deliver excellent grip and balance for easy driving.
  • Reliable KT-6 Transmitter - The Fazer is equipped with Kyosho's reliable KT-6 transmitter AM band.
  • Oil Filled Shocks - The EP Fazer comes with a full set of oil filled shocks unlike other competitors that give you frictions shocks. Oil shocks give you a better handle on the road by hugging every turn and giving you full control.
  • High Quality Body - Kyosho bodies are made from high quality polycarbonate and come pre-painted, pre- decaled and pre- mounted.

ReadySet Contents
  • Pre-assembled chasssis
  • Completed pre-painted body
  • G27 Motor
  • Perfex KT6 Transmitter & RC System
  • KA-16 ESC
  • Hex Tools
  • Cross Wrench

Required For Operation
  • 8x AA Batteries
  • NiMh 7.2V Stick Pack
  • Li-Po 7.4V 2Cell *only 2cell
  • Charger for proper battery.

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