he ultimate belt-driven 4WD touring machine combines the control of an ultra-rigid chassis with whisper quiet efficiency. The wide scope of setting adjustments allows chassis posture to be customized for maximum speed and handling. Even when loaded with powerful modified motors, the sophisticated chassis design keeps everything balanced for mild control. Developed with the cooperation of Shinosuke Adachi, this machine is destined for racing glory !

The belt-driven "TF-5 Stallion", is the machines set to change the racing scene around the world. The highly efficient chassis design maintains its balance with traction change as well as exquisitely managing the movement of the center of gravity and counter-torque to realize a purebred racing machine. Furthermore, user-friendly maintenance and setting options complete the package. These are just a few of the many features of the TF-5 that make it the force to be reckoned with.

  • Optimize Design - Design optimizes drive characteristics and suspension geometry.
  • New Oil Shock Design - Equipped with new-type oil shocks as standard.
  • Offset Front & Rear Arms - Front and rear lower suspension arms and pivot can be offset at nine 0.75mm steps.
  • Interchangeable Suspension Holders - All four lower suspension holders are interchangeable.
  • One-Way Or Spool - A choice of either a one-way or a spool (rigid) to be used on the front diff.
  • Anodized Kyosho Red - Aluminum parts finished in the TF-5�fs signature anodized red color.
  • Rear Ball Diff - Rear transmission features ball differential.
  • Front & Rear Stabilizers - Racing feature-packed with stabilizers on front and rear as well as universal swing shafts on all four wheels.
  • Optimal Use - Chassis makes optimal use of belt-drive�fs counter-torque control, transfer of drive power and mass balance.
  • Control Chassis Roll - Equalization of chassis roll characteristics with single wiper used for steering linkage etc.
  • Optimize Counter Torque - Bolt positions for attaching components to main chassis are symmetrically arranged. Chassis design optimizes counter-torque when loads are applied from the motor.
  • EZ Ball Diff - Benefits of easily adjusted ball diff without removing parts can be appreciated most in the heat of race battle.
  • Ball Bearings - Includes a full set of 14 precision ball bearings.
  • 4WD - Two-belt 4WD racing machine efficiently transfers power to traction regardless of changes in torque levels.
  • Design maximizes the advantages of the belt drive through effective control of counter-torque and mass balance.
  • Height of front and rear diff units can be adjusted by 3 steps of 1mm to achieve the desired level of roll.
  • Design allows ball diff to be adjusted without the removal of any parts.
  • Aluminum parts are hard anodized in the TF-5's signature red color for dynamic style and well as performance.

What is a KIT
  • A KIT is a higher level vehicle that included nearly everything you will need to build a rolling chassis. You will need to supply items like engine, pipe, body, tires, wheels and radio equipment. Required items may vary from kit to kit so please see Required Items For Completion section for full list.

Required For Operation

  • R/C System/ 2-ch 1-servo 1-amp
  • Tires (24mm)
  • Tire inserts
  • Body (190mm)
  • 7.2V Sub C loose cells
  • Motor/ 540-size motor
  • Pinion gear (64 pitch)

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