With its heritage built at the top of the racing world, the famous LAZER ZX-5 chassis has undergone a complete regeneration. This model is based on the FS conversion kit and not the SP competition kit held in high regard by many competition drivers.

The new layout features a 10mm longer wheelbase and the motor and spur gear are positioned as far forward as possible. This combines with the 3 by 3 battery layout to produce optimal weight distribution and results in ideal surface pressure from the tires for effective traction and sure-footed turning.


The position of the motor and spur gear uses the normal reverse rotation of the propeller shaft to control counter torque. The ZX-5's dominant performance was represented by four places in the top 10 final of the 2008 1/10 EP Buggy Japan Nationals and well as more drivers than any other model.

  • Improved Traction - 10mm longer wheelbase delivers improved traction and performance over gaps in the track for greater stability.
  • Totally New Chassis Layout - New layout positions the motor and spur gear as far forward as possible. Optimal mass balance delivers sure-footed turning and stability.
  • New Front End - Newly designed front suspension (knuckles, hubs, lower suspension arms) features large control angles and plenty of setting options. Delivers easy turning control.
  • Full Advantage - Newly designed rear suspension makes good use of changes in load for traction and easy control on a wide variety of surface types.
  • Minimized - Reverse rotation of center shaft minimizes counter torque.
  • Efficient Slipper Clutch - Features 2-piece slipper clutch that provides traction efficiency.
  • Optimum Weight Distribution - 3 : 3 battery layout achieves optimum weight distribution.
  • Simpler Maintenance - Tie-rods and upper arms are combined into the one part for simpler maintenance.
  • Aerodynamic - Features advanced aerodynamically designed body and wing. Subtle curves generate effective down-force. Contributes to airborne stability and posture control.
  • Velvet Coated - Velvet coated shock cylinders minimize resistance for the smoothest movement.

Required for Operation
  • R/C system / 2-channel,1-servo, 1-amp
  • Tires / Tire insert
  • 7.2V Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery (loose battery cells only *cannot be used with straight packs)
  • Charger
  • Paint for the body
  • Batteries for R/C system

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