Jenny JN-4 Slow Flyer 250 ARF

The Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny” first entered service during WWI as a primary trainer for the fledgling US Army Air Corps. After the war, surplus Jennys found fame with enterprising barnstormers who crisscrossed the countryside performing air shows and giving awe-struck passengers their first taste of flight. E-flite® captures the magic of this golden era in the history of flight with this superb Jenny replica. In addition to its outstanding scale detail, E-flite has given this Jenny excellent slow flight characteristics that make it perfect for indoor flight.

The Jenny JN-4 Slow Flyer ARF is another exciting addition to E-flite’s outstanding line of electric RC aircraft and accessories. E-flite uses top-quality engineering and materials in everything it makes, so you always get the maximum level of value and fun. And E-flite backs all of its products with the best customer service and support in the hobby so your electric flight experience is always a positive one.


Wingspan: 32 in (810mm)
Overall Length: 26 in (660mm)
Wing Area: 304 sq in (19.6 sq dm)
Flying Weight: with Battery 7.5–8 oz (210–225 g); without Battery: 6.9 oz (195 g)
Motor Size: E-flite Park 250 2200Kv
Radio: 3 channels with 2 super sub-micro servos (6-gram)
Servos: S60 Super sub-micro
Prop Size: GWS 6x5 slow flyer (GWSEP6050B)
Speed Control : E-flite 10A Pro Brushless (EFLA1010)
Recommended Battery: 480 2-cell Li-Po (THP4802SJPL)
Approx. Assembly Time: 3 hours

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