Fokker DVII 250 ARF Features

Loved by the pilots who flew it and feared by those who flew against it, the Fokker DVII is regarded by many as the greatest fighter of WWI.  It was said the DVII could make a mediocre pilot good and a good pilot great. In the hands of German ace Ernst Udet it was positively devastating. 

Leave it to E-flite to create a 250-size slow flyer with enough scale detail to truly do the legendary Fokker DVII justice.  E-flite brings this Great War legend to life with this remarkable foamie slow flyer that comes out of the box loaded with scale details. Details like molded Spandau machine guns, accurately modeled interplane struts, a dummy Mercedes engine and an intricately detailed cooling grille, just to name a few. E-flite’s Fokker DVII slow flyer is based on a plane flown by Udet at the height of his prowess. The model’s foam parts come out of the box printed with Udet’s signature “LO!” trim scheme.  You simply won’t find another slow flyer that comes close to capturing the spirit of this Great War legend.

When matched with E-flite’s Park 250 brushless outrunner motor, the Fokker DVII 250’s featherlight wing loading and stunning scale appearance make for a majestic slow flyer experience unlike any other.



Wingspan: 34.0 in (865mm)
Overall Length: 26.5 in (672mm)
Wing Area: 310 sq in (19.4 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 8.5–9.0 oz (240–255 g)
Motor Size: Park 250 2200Kv
Radio: 3+ channels
Servos: S60 Super Sub-Micro servos
Trim Scheme Colors: Painted foam; red, white, and black
Prop Size: GWS 7x3.5
Hardware Included: yes
Speed Control : 10-amp Brushless
Recommended Battery: 800mAh 7.4V Li-Po
Approx. Flying Duration: 10–15 minutes
Scale: yes
Approx. Assembly Time: 3–5 hours

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