RV-9 450 ARF

The sporty lines and spirited performance of the Van’s Aircraft RV-9 has made it one of general aviation’s most popular homebuilt aircraft. E-flite has perfectly captured the spirit of this plane with this outstanding ARF that boasts true-to-scale lines and, like its inspiration, is an absolute joy to fly. To keep the scale lines unspoiled, E-flite has designed the RV-9 450 with internal servo mounts that are concealed from view. A classy red, yellow and blue UltraCote® trim scheme, cockpit details and factory painted fiberlass cowl further enhance the realism. You even have the option of adding functioning flaps for exciting short field takeoffs and landings. In the air, the RV-9 450 offers a nice balance between maneuverability and stability that will please both intermediate and experienced pilots.


RV-9 is a trademark of Van’s Aircraft and is used with permission.


Wingspan: 50.0 in (1270mm)
Overall Length: 38.0 in (920mm)
Wing Area: 385 sq in (24.8 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 36–40 oz (1020–1135 g)
Motor Size: 450- to 480-size brushless
Radio: 4+ channels
Servos: S75
Trim Scheme Colors: UltraCote® Bright Yellow (U872); Deep Blue (U873); Black (U874); True Red (U866)
Prop Size: 450 - APC 10x7E; 480 - APC 12x6E
Spinner Size: Included
Hardware Included: Included
Speed Control : 450 - 30-amp brushless; 480 - 40-amp brushless
Recommended Battery: 450 - 1800mAh 3S; 480 - 2100mAh 3S
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: 3-5 Hours
Is Assembly Required: Yes

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